The Importance of Breathing Rate Monitor In Our Lives

If you have seen a person who goes out of breath, then you should know that either he is suffering from asthma or he has a problem of lack of oxygen intake. In this case, the doctor suggests the patient monitor his/her oxygen level in the blood determine whether his/her body gets enough oxygen. Oxygen is the most important thing for the human body. The respiratory and circulatory system needs a sufficient amount of oxygen in the blood to function properly. It is very important to monitor breathing rate and oxygen level. The traditional method of checking and monitoring oxygen and breathing rate was getting a blood test done but it is not possible to go to a laboratory every time you feel uneasiness. In this case, one should have a good pulse oximeter to monitor their breathing rate.

The oximeter is one of the most important devices that is used to monitor breathing rate and that is why you will find this device in every intensive care unit of the hospitals. You will also find them in operation theaters, emergency rooms, recovery rooms, hospital wards, etc. This is because it monitors the oxygen levels in the body. Oxygen is so vital for the body that low oxygen levels may lead to death whereas other physical needs of the body such as foods or water can be put on hold.

One of the benefits of using a breathing monitor is that you do not have to give blood samples to check the oxygen level in the blood. A breathing rate monitor works by measuring the saturation levels of oxygen in the blood without the need for an actual blood sample and the results are displayed on the monitor of the breathing rate monitoring machine. So, you should make sure that you get a good breathing rate monitor so that it does not show incorrect results. Even if you do not have a patient in your house, you should get a good vital signs monitor.

With so many breathing rate monitors available on the market, one can easily get a good one for himself. Before you buy a good oximeter for yourself, you should have some knowledge about them or else you would end up buying the wrong product. Below are some of the things that you should consider before you buy an oximeter to monitor your breathing rate.

Quality It is the most important thing that you should consider. You must ensure that you get the best quality product as it is your hard-earned money. A good quality product lasts longer than a bad quality one.

Warranty You should whether the manufacturer gives you a warranty or not. Not all manufacturers give you a warranty, so you should be very careful before buying.

Price – You should look at the different products and go for the ones that have a moderate price. Expensive ones can be a good option but you will have to pay a lot. You should go for the one that is good enough to monitor breathing rate and oxygen levels.

Reviews You should consider the ratings and reviews of the products before you make a decision.