The Meaning And Importance Of FireRisks Assesments

Laws and regulations in the United Kingdom dictate that all workplaces undergo fire risk assessments. Businesses that fail to adhere to this regulation face the risk of getting fined, severe penalties and imprisonment. In this post, we take a closer look at what a fire risk assessment entails as well as the importance of it.

The Important Of A Fire Risk Assessment

The purpose of a fire risk assessment is to detect and remove/reduce fire hazard risks. The conclusion of the assessment will determine the type of safety measures that need to be conducted to ensure that everyone who enters the building will remain safe. While it may be true that property owners may be penalized if they fail to conduct an effective fire risk assessment, it’s important to note that it’s critical when it comes to reducing the likelihood of deaths and injuries. While it may be true that some accidents cannot be avoided, by conducting a fire assessment you will be able to address underlying issues which put you in position of preventing them from occurring in the first place.

Responsibilities of a Professional Fire Risk Assessor

The fire risk assessor is tasked with conducting the fire risk assessment. They work with property owners to address fire hazards by helping them develop safety measures for the property. Some of the things the assessor will address, include:

* Identify all fire hazards.
* Makes a decision on who could be harmed.
* Determine the risk and develop appropriate tips.
* Record all findings of fire hazards.
* Determine if there’s an effective control measure that has been established.
* Review the assessment with the property owner.

Risk Assessment Process

As mentioned, the purpose of a risk assessment isn’t to penalize the property owner, but rather to identify and remove fire hazards by giving information on the type of safety measures that need to be conducted. Some of the things an assessor will evaluate, include:

* Fire doors.
* Emergency exits and routes.
* Fire alarm and other warning systems.
* Evacuation plan.
* Identify vulnerable people who will be in the building such as the elderly, disabled and children.
* Determine if the employees have been given fire safety training.

The Importance Of Getting a Third Party Company Who Does Fire Risk Assessments

In some cases, business owners feel that they can conduct the risk assessment themselves. While this may be true, the expertise that’s required to conduct the assessments successfully is considerably complex. As such, the government suggests that business owners should contact a third party that specializes in fire risk assessments. Business owners who fail to use a third party assessor will be more liable of paying damages in court, if an accident were to happen. If taken to court, business owners will have to demonstrate legal competence on the issue of fire hazards. They will also have to prove that the safety measures they implemented on their own, was suitable and sufficient. If business owners are not able to demonstrate this, they could be punished in a criminal and/or civil court.