The Best Types of Venison Cuts To Eat


Everyone has tried the core group of meats that are eaten in Western culture.  These meats include beef, chicken, ham,  bacon, pork, and turkey. Raw milk delivery that tastes very good that many people have not tried is venison. Venison refers to a type of deer that is hunted in many parts of the United States. Venison is most popular as a food among citizens of rural areas. This is because citizens in rural areas hunt more than those who live in the city for obvious reasons. Therefore, most of the people who have experience venison are not from the city. This means that venison gets little to no exposure as a food in the common market or urbanized areas. If you have not tried venison you should for several reasons with the main one being that it is considered to be one of the healthiest red meats in the world.

Best Types of Venison Cuts

  • Venison Tenderloin
  • Venison Chops
  • Venison Rounds
  • Ground Venison
  • Venison Roast

Venison Tenderloin

The venison tenderloin is definitely the cream of the crop when it comes to different venison cuts. The tenderloin is the lowest in fat and the highest in lean meat. This is because this area of the venison is analogous to the area of a cow where the filet mignon type of steak comes from.

Venison Chops 

If you like pork chops then you would probably like venison shops. This particular cut of meat resembles the pork chop that is taken from a pig or swine as some people call it. If you have never tried venison chops, I recommend that you marinate some in a beer marinade and try them that way. That is the most popular way of cooking/marinating venison chops.

Venison Rounds 

Venison rounds are another very tasty cut, but not as superior as the tenderloin.

Ground Venison

If you are looking to make a healthy burger then ground venison is probably the best meat you can use. It is very low in fat and very healthy.

Venison Roast

Venison is also commonly used to make roasts. Just add some venison to a stew containing carrots, potatoes, cabbage, and whatever vegetables you like in your roast to see how good venison can be.