The benefits of glass wipe boards

Glass wipe boards are reflective glass surfaces designed to allow writing and drawing with dry erase markers. They are typically mounted on the wall or placed in front of another surface to serve as a white board. The glass is non-porous and, when clean, provides an excellent writing surface. There are many benefits to using a wipe board instead of other types of white boards including;


The glass surface is available for use at any time. While most white boards are covered in plastic and are thus only usable when covered, the glass wipe board can be used in any setting. It can be used outdoors, in direct sunlight, or even during rain storms. In addition to this convenience, the glass surface does not have to be cleaned before being used again. With other white boards, it is necessary to cover the boards after each use or the writing will smudge and become unreadable over time.


There is no special maintenance required for a wipe board; all that is needed is glass cleaner and a soft cloth or dry erase eraser (although an eraser will wear down over time). The wipe board does not require periodic sanding or repainting, unlike many other types of boards.

3.Easily Reinforced

An additional benefit to the wipe board is that it can easily be reinforced with tape or a layer of Mylar. This is ideal for adding an image on the glass surface, and not on a direct surface such as wood, which can be difficult with white boards and often results in either pin holes or removal damage to images. Since all of these concerns are eliminated with a wipe board, it can be used for projects that require reinforcing the glass before use, then simply wiped clean after use.

4.Weather friendly

The glass surface is not susceptible to the corrosive effects of water, acids, and other substances that can damage an unprotected white board. Additionally, it allows for easier viewing of spray painted or colored images without the potential damage caused by a whiteboard marker in the same area. The glass wipe board is also resistant to many solvents commonly used in artwork, making it excellent for using while working with paint or other solvent-based materials.

  1. Low maintenance

The wipe board is also extremely low maintenance. Once the glass surface has been cleaned, it is ready to use without concerns of smudging or wear. The glass surface of the wipe board does not need to be treated to prevent smudging either.

6.Significant cost savings

The cleaning and maintenance that is required for a standard white board results in an increase in the price it costs to use. This expense can easily be eliminated with a wipe board. Most schools also consider these costs when constructing new buildings, where very expensive materials like glass can be implemented into the design at little or no cost over their lifetime. Finally, most schools consider replacing their whiteboards every few years. This is not necessary with the wipe board, which simply needs to be cleaned with glass cleaner and a soft rag on an as-needed basis.

7.Eco Friendly

It is easy to see how a wipe board might be considered eco friendly. While it does require electricity to power the lighting inside the fluorescent tubes, this is only required when the white board is in use, meaning that it only uses energy during actual use. It also requires very little maintenance in its lifetime, meaning that very little water and cleaning supplies are required. The glass surface can last for years without needing to be replaced or sanded down, reducing the amount of wood being used for this purpose significantly.