High School Boarding

With so many high school boarding options available in the UK how can you be sure that you are making the right choice? Whether you are a parent or student there are some important factors to consider as you make your decision:
•    What kind of academic background does the school have? Boarding schools in the UK are some of the best in the world especially for students who are looking to pursue higher education in top universities, but this doesn’t mean that every school does well. You should look carefully into how the school has performed in recent years.
•    Does the school have a good faculty? A good teacher isn’t all about the grades. They are supposed to teach you subject matter in a way that you can use it later in life. They should be able to put your lessons in perspective. You can find out more about the faculty of any school you have in mind from the school itself and also online.
•    Do students get extra support when they need it? Even the brightest students may find themselves facing concepts that they don’t understand from time to time, and when that happens they should be able to get additional assistance outside class hours to help them catch up.
•    Does the school prepare students properly for A Level exams? It should offer tuition for students during the holidays where they can cover material that is likely to be in the exams.
•    You should also look into extracurricular activities. You need to relax after a long day of learning, and you need to do something that you enjoy. As you look at high school boarding options find out whether they have extracurricular activities that you are interested in.
Lastly, make sure you look into the Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies – they provide all this and more. Check out their link, https://www.ccss.co.uk/boarding/.