Go glass best glass and mirror

With 30 years in the glass industry, Go glass is still flourishing and attracting new clients every day in Cambridge. The idea of teamwork and customer satisfaction has always been the front runner pushing this company to greater heights and achievements. We work as a team and always focused on service delivery that will put a smile on your face. The demand for glasses and mirrors is on high alert this means that we have to work and go an extra mile to provide for our clients exactly what they are looking for. We have an aim always to stay as the number one bespoke mirrors suppliers in Cambridge. Our good work has earned as a position in fitting various mirrors and glasses in a many kitchens and houses at large. You call us, and we put the sparkle right where you need it with very competitive designs unique to our clients.What has made us outstand our competitors in Cambridge is the fact that we tailor every fitting to the exact way our client dreamt of it to be. Our template service is just on another level; we shape, polish and put the glasses with the best fittings you will never find anywhere. We guarantee the test of time and make sure that our glasses and mirrors can withstand any given condition from kitchen fires to snow without cracking or breaking. To achieve this, the glasses are fitted with 6mm low iron and toughened under low pressure. This will make it last long and not to crack under heat. With such a mechanism, our glasses are fit enough to be used on excessive cooking areas with large amounts of heat output without having to worry about it cracking. If you need any length, we have it just mentions your measurements, and we will give you the exact measurement you have asked for. To attain a satisfying end product, larger glasses can be cut and joined under the supervision of our experienced fitters. We polish all the edges to give the glasses and mirror an excellent and attractive finish. Painting and color matching in glass fitting should not be a problem. We have many colors to choose from. For the actual color of the glass to show, we recommend a Low-Iron Glass. That combined with the heat resistant paint will give you the durability needed for your glass use anywhere.