One of a kind vegetarian boarding school UK

Your daughter’s future is dependent upon her education. A top-class education is the need of your child to shine better. How you are able to cope with that? Yes, it is not a daunting task at all because St. Francis’ college offers you a world-class education in all aspects. Your daughter can shine in her life once she finishes her school education. The day and boarding girl’s school in Hertfordshire enhances the lives of children to a greater extent. Many children in the past have achieved many heights because of the quality education. You can choose the school to make your daughter bright and prosperous

The unique features of St. Francis College are as follows

• The education system is unique and innovative to cope with your expectations

• The syllabus system is top-notch and informative to children

• The students are given one on one attention to come up in their life. Moreover, individual attention is given by the teachers for lifting the standard of the students better than ever.

• The moral and spiritual values of the children are developed.

• A holistic education approach is given to the students considering their future

• The training system is entirely new and laced with a modern vision. The students are given abundant scope to understand the subject under the supervision of well-qualified teachers.

• The students’ innate talent is taken care of by the management. They are given full liberty to expose their talents on par. They are even treated specially asides from academic sessions for their future.

• Exclusively, various entrance examinations’ training is given to the children considering their future. The children’s individual expectations and talents are identified by the management at the beginning itself so that they get excellent training and focus by the management.

Other special features of St. Francis College

The students can openly express their ideas and suggestions to the teachers. Each student is given maximum attention and focus by the management. The older girls are given special attention by the teachers. The overall requirement of students is fulfilled by the staff of the college to a great level. The classroom sessions are conducted like a seminar method in which students can interact with other students about a topic. Discussion type and interactive type of classroom sessions improve the quality of the children to express ideas.

What about boarding and alumni meeting at the school?

The boarding facility is offered to the student from the sixth age onwards. The school management extends its facilities like good accommodation, good food and friendly atmosphere to each student who stays. The students are allowed to move freely with all the staff of the college. Different accommodation needs of children are satisfied by the authority of the college.

The alumni meeting is conducted every year at the college campus. The outgone students are allowed to participate in the meeting for expressing their ideas, challenges, and experiences to the present students.

Contact details

You can contact the college officials for your daughter admission either over the phone or by email