acoustic joist tape

Acoustic joist tape is an acoustic sound absorption system for reducing noise inside buildings. It consists of a double-sided, pre-preg tape with an integral fabric layer on the back. One side of the tape is used to seal cracks and gaps around service penetrations, while the other side is installed wherever high levels of low frequency noise are found within a building. The tape has excellent thermal insulating properties which allows it to be used both internally and externally. The tape is designed to be installed before all interior and exterior wall frames, floor boards and ceilings have been installed, as well as all of the internal wall cavities.

The acoustical properties of the tape enable it to perform as an acoustic sound absorption device (ASAD) in all building types, including industrial buildings, multiple dwellings and apartment complexes. The tape can also be used in a large variety of other applications such as sound dampening bird feeders. FRONT-TEC’s acoustical sound absorption tape is applied on an industrial basis, meaning that it is available in rolls up to 30m long.

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acoustic joist tape

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