Month: April 2018

SEO Cambridge

As the owner of a growing Cambridge business you may be wondering whether it is better to develop an in-house SEO team or hire an agency. This is a common dilemma, and both sides of the argument have both pros and cons. Before you make a decision you should look at the merits and demerits of both options, and this article will do just that. Let us look at the pros and cons of developing your own in-house SEO team first.

The first, and maybe only advantage is that you have in your hands IT team that can do more than SEO – any time you have a problem with your computers or networks they are available to correct it. An in-house team, however, comes with one major disadvantage – they are very expensive especially for a small business. You will have them permanently on your payroll, provide benefits, offices and more. Worse yet, even when they do not work they still get paid.

This is why many Cambridge business owners prefer to hire an SEO agency. They only pay them for services rendered which reduces expenses considerably. SEO agencies are also likely to provide you with better service since they tend to hire more qualified employees than anyone that you would have working for you on a permanent basis. These teams usually bring together experts with different skills and together they are able to provide you not just with SEO services but with all things related to the IT field. You should assess your IT and SEO needs so that you can hire n agency that can take care of all of them.

One SEO and IT agency that comes highly recommended is A Head in the Cloud. They have an excellent track record and they serve some of the leading businesses in Cambridge. You can find out more on their website,


You have been charged with procuring BCIP for the researchers in your life sciences firm, and you think that you have taken care of all the basics – you have found one who has been in the market for a long time, you are reasonably sure that they provide a high quality product and they have a short lead time. What you may have not taken into account, however, is whether they are an environment conscious supplier. When it comes to life sciences products this is not the first thing that many customers think of. You may not think it is very important, but as a responsible company you want to make sure that you work with suppliers who share your passion for the environment.

As you shop around for environmentally conscious suppliers there are several factors that you should take into account. The first is whether the supplier is continually improving their processes to make safer not just for the environment but also for their employees and everyone around them. Many companies will tell you that they do these things but a closer look will reveal that they do the minimum required by the law. The best companies will go over and above the minimum requirements.

Find out how they store and transport their materials. Many accidents, especially those related to spillages, occur either during storage, or during transportation. There are laws that govern these two areas, and the best BCIP companies will ensure that they are compliant. In fact, they will also make a point of ensuring that their clients are also aware of how these products should be stored – the products are packaged with guidelines. Lastly, your BCIP supplier should train ll employees on how to safely handle different products.

One supplier who does all these things and more is Europa Bioproducts. They are suppliers of high quality BCIP and they take steps to ensure that their processes are environmentally friendly. You can find out more on