Month: October 2017

A Few Options You Can Consider When Shopping for a Music Stand

Every musician knows the importance of having a good music stand. The music stand you use can be the difference between a fantastic performance that leaves the audience absolutely wowed and an average performance. It also affects your experience on stage. Therefore, it is important that you choose the right music stand for your needs. Below are some of the music stands you can consider the next time you are shopping for one.

The Concert Stand

If you are looking for a professional-looking music stand, the concert stand is a great option to consider. The tray is wooden and you can have it in whatever color you want. The rest of the parts are metallic.

The Orchestra Stand

This stand is the perfect choice if you need a stand that is well lit. The tray is acoustically neutral and the stand is stackable, making it easy to carry around for performances.

The Grand Orchestra Stand

This stand is very similar to the orchestra stand, the only difference being the fact that it is larger. The tray of the grand orchestra stand is wider and the height can be adjusted over a wider range compared to the orchestra stand.

The Scherzo Stand

The scherzo stand is very light in weight but it is still sturdy and durable. It is foldable, making it easy to store and carry around. It is a good choice for a beginner musician.


The above are just some of the options you have when shopping for a music stand. Other stands you can consider include the performer stand, the acoustic screen, the jazz stand, and the alto stand among others. Whatever you decide to purchase, just make sure that it is suitable for your needs. You should not be guided by the price alone; think of this is an investment in your career as a musician.


Quiet portable generator

Quiet Portable Generator: What You Need to Know

A quiet portable generator is a portable generator that produces less noise. Sound intensity is measured in Decibels and prolonged loud noise causes physical discomfort. Usually, a limit is set mainly to 70 Decibels or less.

When buying your quiet portable generator you should consider the following factors:

1. Fuel indicator to enable you to know when you are running out of fuel easily.

2. Type of fuel the generator uses – either gasoline or propane. Propane can stay in your generator tank without damaging it.

3. The number of receptacles it can support to enable you to easily plug in your appliances.

4. The casing material should either be aluminum or steel because they are known to be more sturdy.

5. The mufflers to reduce noise emitted by the generator.

Advantages of quiet portable generator

1. These are an efficient source of power backup in homes and outdoors simply because it is portable. This allows you complete ongoing tasks even after a power blackout.

2. This generator allows you to work even in quiet environments with fewer difficulties. You are able to work at night hours even when others are sleeping without disturbing them. You can also work in areas around offices and hospitals.

3. These units have many outlets that allow you to connect more than appliance and devices to it, therefore, increasing its usability.

4. These are portable therefore, you can carry them from one place to another place of work with ease as some are fitted with wheels to allow you to pull or push it without getting stuck.

5. These are easy to use and all you have to do is to read the user manual for you to effectively use it.

6. In case of natural calamities, it can be used to power up radios to alarm and warn other people who are in a risk. They can also be used to provide power in case there are prolonged power outages.